Instructions for use


When you first connect:

  1. At the first visit, enter the number on your badge, add as many as 0 to reach a 6-digit code
  2. Re-enter your current card number in the "Enter PIN" field
  3. Once connected, click on "Contact", enter your e-mail address in the "e-mail" field and customize your PIN code.
    Confirm with "confirm changes".
  4. Your login information is now modified and consists of your 5-digit badge number and your personalized PIN.
  5. Follow the procedure, identical to any online purchase, with credit card payment. The badge is loaded immediately with the desired amount.

  I have read and accept the general conditions of use

General terms and conditions

Reloading the restaurant account by credit card
General Terms and Conditions

Reloading the restaurant account by credit card
General Terms and Conditions

The usual rules concerning the restaurant's payment badge are applicable.

1. Terms of payment:

2. Law applicable in the event of a dispute

Use of the restaurant's payment badge

I Operation of the payment system

  1. The security badge of Restaurant Le Pommier is used for payments in the restaurant.
  2. Apart from cash payment, the restaurant’s payment badge is the only form of payment accepted at the restaurant’s cash desk.
  3. Each cardholder has a prepaid account. The cardholder is responsible for supplying and maintaining a sufficient balance in the account.
  4. As soon as you arrive, be sure to fund your account using one of the recharge options described below.
  5. The restaurant website provides information on your current account balance and transaction details.

II Refill of the restaurant account:
You have the following options to recharge your account at the restaurant:

  1. Replenishment can be done directly on the restaurant's badge charger, preferably before eating, or during breaks. The replenishment of your cash account is only accepted with a minimum amount of Fr. 10.-. You will be given a receipt.
  2. By credit card Maestro, PostCard, MasterCard or Visa only. This function is reserved for employees who have named access to the restaurant’s intranet

III Loss of the restaurant's payment badge

  1. You should immediately report the loss of your payment badge to site security. They will block your old badge and give you a new one.
  2. Your restaurant account is linked to your name only; no financial information is stored on the badge. In case of loss, your restaurant account is not affected.
  3. The badge holder will be charged CHF 20 to replace a lost or broken badge.

IV Checking your restaurant account, errors, complaints and forgetting the payment badge.

  1. The balance of your restaurant account, along with transaction details, can be consulted at any time on the restaurant’s intranet site. This function is reserved for people with a payment badge and named access to the intranet.
  2. If you have any questions or concerns about your restaurant account, please contact your restaurant manager.
  3. Entry error at the cash desk: tell the cashier immediately; they will make a note and the correction will be entered on the account later.
  4. Problem with your payment badge: the cashier will make a note of your badge number for further verification.
  5. If you forget your payment badge you can pay cash. No credit will be given.

V Closing the account

  1. All account holders should settle the balance in the restaurant after their last meal.
  2. The account will be blocked at the end of validity of the payment badge.
  3. A change of Account Number implies the closing of the account linked to your old account number and the opening of a new account. You are therefore requested to pay your old account before being issued with the new card.


Change of badges
When changing your badge, security and human resources automatically transmit the new badge number. Your balance is available as soon as we receive this information on your new badge number.



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