Culinary theme days

Make your taste buds travel

More than forty local or international culinary theme days are coordinated annually at your restaurant area, keeping your meals diverse and interesting.

Nutritional balance is always in the spotlight : our dietician makes periodical visits to answer any questions you might have on the subject.
In a word, culinary theme days bring a special touch to each week at your restaurant area.


15 October

Autumn is back with its wonderful delights from the undergrowth. It's time to celebrate mushroom of all kinds! Enjoy!


22 October

Also known as pumpkin, squash is a vegetable out of fairy tales. In sweet or savory dishes, squash pops up in your restaurant in all kinds of surprising recipes. BON APPÉTIT !


30 October

Fear ye not: no monsters on your plate. Happy Halloween! ENJOY YOUR MEAL!

The hunt is on

26 November

Come and taste the dishes of the game season known for its magnificent flavours. ENJOY YOUR MEAL!

Saint Nicolas

4 December

Cinnamon, honey, cloves... It's Saint Nicolas Day, the annual December tradition Big and Small enjoy.

Du 7 au 11 December

Happy Holidays

17 December

Christmas and New Year are on our doorstep: we wish you all many moments of happiness, sweetness and serenity. May your fondest wishes come true.

Catering concepts

Every day a discovery

Pasta Asia

The « Pasta Asia » menu alternately features pasta and Asian speciality dishes. Protein-packed, vegetarian or vegan: each day you’ll discover a different fresh, dry, stuffed or whole-wheat pasta.

Tasty Asian noodles are freshly prepared alternately to bring variety to the week.

Speciality menu

The Speciality menu is the ideal compromise for anyone who appreciates flavourful traditional cuisine that can be prepared on a skewer. You’ll also enjoy the great classics of international cuisine.

On Mondays, enjoy our skewerroasted chicken; on Thursdays, our classic burger to personalise with your own toppings; and more.


A true ally of your well-being and nutritional balance, this menu is specially prepared on the recommendations of a dietician using GRTA, organic, and fair trade products. It harmoniously combines energetic needs with gourmet pleasure.

Each day, you’ll also enjoy our Vitality dessert prepared by our pastry chef and presented in the dessert display case.

Pizza menu

Delicious and authentic as can be, our pizzas are prepared fresh every day, and baked to order in front of your eyes. As part of this culinary offer, our teams offer the traditional Marguerita pizza and the day’s special, the Gina pizza.

Self-service for when the mood takes you

Salad & Starter Buffet
The buffet offers a delicious, varied choice that completes the restaurant’s menus throughout the year. Arranged for selfservice, it is regularly replenished to ensure there is always a complete, aesthetically pleasing assortment at any time.

Dessert Buffet
Every day we offer a wide selection of desserts and delicacies The talent and creativity of your Chef and his Pastry Chef give the whole display an eye-catching appeal that mixes forms, colors, flavors - and pleasure.